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Refrigerated Product Policy


-S = When the product code has "-S" at the end, refrigerated storage and shipping with ice packs is recommended. 
     *** Ice Pack & Insulated Thermal Bag Included at No Charge.

-R = When the product code has "-R" at the end, refrigerated storage is recommended but shipping with ice packs is not necessary. 
*** Ice Pack & Insulated Thermal Bag NOT Included.

-C = When the product code has "-C" at the end, refrigerated storage is recommended and shipping with ice packs is recommended conditionally (during warmer months May 1st to September 30th). 
     *** May 1st to September 30th - Ice Pack & Insulated Thermal Bag Included at No Charge
     *** October 1st to April 30th - Ice Pack & Insulated Thermal Bag NOT Included

NOTE: You may always choose to purchase an Ice Pack & Insulated Thermal Bag for $2.50 for products in which it is not included. Type "Ice Pack" in the Quick Search field to add it to your order. Each thermal bag holds 1 to 2 products, depending upon product size.

If purchasing a thermal bag and your order does not contain heat sensitive products, please specify which products to ship on ice in the comments box of your order.


What is the Refrigerated Product Policy?
Our policy is to always follow the manufacturer’s policy. If they store or ship a product under refrigeration, or with cold packs, we do the same. Please refer to each specific manufacturer’s website for their policy and additional information.

Do I need to keep refrigerated probiotics cold when traveling?
If refrigeration is not available during traveling or in the workplace, it is usually fine to keep them outside the refrigerator for a week or two at a time. Generally, if an individual is personally comfortable at room temperature then the probiotics should maintain their full potency at these same temperatures during this time out of the refrigerator.

Why are some probiotics shipped with cold packs?
Although most probiotics will maintain their full potency for several weeks at room temperature without refrigeration, we include cold packs during shipment, when required by the manufacturer, to keep the probiotics cold and protected for most of their journey. This helps prevent excessive exposure to high heat during their travels so that they arrive at maximum potency.

What if the cold packs are not cold upon arrival of shipment?
In most cases, the cold packs will not stay frozen or remain cold during the full time in transit. Even if the cold packs are completely thawed and the product is no longer cold, the probiotics have excellent stability during the short time that they are exposed to ambient temperatures. The cold packs and foil-lined bags do their job of keeping the probiotics cool during the majority of the time in shipment. Thus, the chance of prolonged exposure to high temperatures that might affect potency is avoided.

Have probiotics been tested for potency after shipment?
Yes, many manufacturers have verified that their packaging and shipping methods are appropriate for maintaining product potency. Most probiotics are tested upon completion of manufacturing to verify full potency and then kept under refrigeration until ready for shipment. Tests on probiotics that have arrived at their destination warm with thawed ice packs have verified that potency is not adversely affected.

How much activity might be lost when probiotics are not kept refrigerated?
Probiotics have greater stability at room temperature than generally realized and can be maintained for several weeks with minimal loss of 5% or less. However, loss in potency would be accelerated over time. That is why it is best to maintain probiotic supplements under refrigeration, as this offers the optimal conditions favoring long-term potency and viability. In some cases refrigeration also helps to preserve freshness and taste.


If you have questions about our refrigerated product policy, please contact us for further assitance.
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